Voilà une liste de notres anciennes, de la voiture la plus vieille (1909) à la plus jeune (2004).

This is an overview of the Renault and Alpine cars that live in my workshop.

The listed is sorted from the oldest to the youngest car. Click on the link to see some videos on YOUTUBE:

1909 Renault type AZ
1914 Renault type ED
1946 Renault 1000 KG type 206E1
1965 Renault Dauphine Gordini type R1095
1967 Renault 8 Gordini type R1135
1968 Renault 4L type R1120
1968 Alpine A110 1300S type 1300VB
1984 Renault 5 Turbo2 type R8220
2004 Renault Clio V6 type C1BU

Please click on the icons on the left to find some information and a collection of pics for each car.