Voilà quelques impressions que j'ai gagné à mon visite au Mans Classic 2012 avec mon copain francais Roland.

Some impressions of Le Mans Classic 2012, this year's top event held from friday 06 July till sunday 08 July 2012 on the world famous circuit du Mans in France.

Very important for me to see was the Alpine A210 chassis N° 1726, which was driven by my Gordini T58 02C on the test weekend in april 1967 and which then was the first Alpine and the first french car ever to beat the lap time of 4 minutes.

Alpine A210 chassis N° 1726

Today the car is equipped with the only engine type Gordini T58 with mechanical fuel injection ever built (type Kugelfischer).  The engine number is T58 01I (I stands for injection).

engine compartment of chassis N° 1726, containing the engine Gordini T58 01I

A sign nearby the car indicates the entire history of the car, for me the most interesting information was its success while being propelled by the engine Gordini T58 02C.

history of the car, especially with Gordini T58 02C on board

More impressions:

beautiful BMC transporter "d'époque"

wonderful DB racers "des années cinquante"

we met so many sympathetic guys, like this French DB driver, who kept smiling though it was raining cats and dogs. He, his racing suit and his car came together in 1977 and have continued this relationship till now!

contemporary race truck of the Gordini team

what a beautiful Goélette!

around midnight at Le Mans on July 08, 2012

to be continued...